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Everyone’s needs and spaces are different. No matter why you’re here, Sort & Soul has a service for you.


Our signature service removes unsightly, recurring clutter and makes your day-to-day life more efficient and joyful. We transform your space both functionally and aesthetically, leaving you with a calm, curated and inviting space that complements the rest of your home. 

Includes: consultation, custom proposal, sort session, design + space planning, shopping, organizing supplies + labels, prep and implementation of the final organizational system


Show and sell your home at its full potential. Move only the items you still use, need and love. Get your new home beautifully organized from the start.

We save you time + money and reduce stress as you begin your new chapter!

Includes: full service + unpacking


We take the heavy lifting out of pre- and post-remodeling, and create organizational systems that complement the beauty of your new space.

Includes: full service + staging/temporarily packing you for construction, unpacking


Existing system touch-ups for seasonal rotations, lifestyle changes, or just for when "life happens".

Book as-needed or schedule quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Includes: sort session, shopping, organizing supplies + labels, minor updates to the existing organizational system


Ideal for clients who need to declutter and edit their items, but aren't ready to invest in a custom organizational system with new supplies + labels just yet.

Includes: sort session

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